Three- and Four-Time All-Ivy League First Team Selections

Since All-Ivy selections began in 1956, numerous fencers have gained first team All-Ivy honors four times and several have been selected three times.

The four-time selectees are:

FOIL — Gail Rossman, Penn, 1985-86-87-88; Caitlin Bilodeaux, Columbia, 1984-85-86-87; Susan Jennings, Columbia, 1997-98-99-00; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard, 2003-04-05-06.

The three-time selectees are:

FOIL — Andrea Metkus, Yale, 1982-83-84; Mary Jane O’Neill, Penn, 1984-85-86; Jessica Yu, Yale, 1984-86-97; Jill Tobia, Columbia, 1990-91-92; Margaret Super, Yale, 1992-93-94; Alison Calabia, Yale, 1995-96-97; Kate Lane 1996-97-98; Katharine Zuckerman, Yale, 1996-98-99; Mindy Rostal, Princeton, 2000-01-03; Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton, 2004-05-06.

SABRE — Helen Liu, Yale, 2000-01-02; Emma Baratta, Columbia, 2003-04-06.

EPEE — Jennifer Curtis, Columbia, 1995-96-97; Sharon Katz, Yale, 1995-96-97; Caitlin Rich, Princeton, 1996-97-99; Lindsay Campbell, Princeton, 1999-00-02; Maya Lawrence, Princeton, 2000-01-02; Monica Conley, Columbia, 2000-01-03; Alexie Rubin, Columbia, 2004-05-07; Jasmine McGlade, Harvard, 2005-06-07.


Foil — Nicole Ross, Columbia (17-1); Abby Caparros-Janto, Columbia (14-4); Ilana Sinkin, Penn (14-4); Misha Goldfeder, Harvard (14-).
Sabre — Emily Jacobson, Columbia (17-1); Alexa Weingarden, Harvard (14-4); Jackie Jacobson, Columbia (14-4).
Epee — Martyna Urbanowicz, Columbia (16-2); Rebecca Moss, Yale (12-3); Jasjit Bhinder, Princeton (13-5); Maria Larsson, Harvard (13-5).


Foil — Cassidy Luitjen, Columbia; Kathleen Reckling, Columbia; Abby Emerson, Penn; Alisa Mendelsohn, Yale; Jocelyn Svengsouk, Princeton.
Sabre — Daria Schneider, Columbia; Emily Jacobson, Columbia; Cassandra Partyka, Penn; Danielle Gordet, Columbia; Katelyn Sherry, Penn.
Epee — Jasmine McGlade, Harvard; Alexie Rubin, Columbia; Jasjit Bhinder, Princeton.


Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Emily Cross, Harvard; Anne Austin, Harvard; Sara Jew-Lim, Princeton.
Sabre — Carolyn Wright, Harvard; Emma Baratta, Columbia; Daria Schneider, Columbia.
Epee — Jasmine McGlade, Harvard; Erin McGarry, Princeton; Holly Buechel, Penn; Ruth Schneider, Brown.


Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Emily Cross, Harvard.
Sabre — Carolyn Wright, Harvard; Annika Eiremo, Penn; Katelyn Sherry, Penn; Alexa Weingarden, Harvard.
Epee — Jasmine McGlade, Harvard; Erin McGarry, Princeton; Alexie Rubin, Columbia.


Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Cassidy Luitjen, Columbia; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard.
Sabre — Emma Baratta, Columbia; Annika Eiremo, Penn; Niki Padula, Columbia.
Epee — Holly Buechel, Penn; Erica Korb, Yale; Alexie Rubin, Columbia; Zane Selkirk, Yale.


Foil — Mindy Rostal, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Anne Austin, Harvard; Christina Kaneshige, Penn; Ellen Blount, Columbia.
Sabre — Emma Baratta, Columbia; Niki Padula, Columbia; Eunice Yi, Harvard; Christian Robinson, Columbia.
Epee — Kira Hohense, Princeton; Kim Bush, Columbia; Monica Conley, Columbia; Meaghan Phair, Cornell; Jean Goto, Penn.


Foil — Ellen Blount, Columbia; Katie Cavan, Columbia; Zane Selkirk, Yale.
Sabre — Sada Jacobson, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Catherine Pack, Princeton.
Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Erica Korb, Yale; Maya Lawrence, Princeton.


Foil — Erinn Smart, Columbia; Mindy Rostal, Princeton; Katie Cavan, Columbia.
Sabre — Sada Jacobson, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Sophie Jones, Yale.
Epee — Maya Lawrence, Princeton; Tamara Knutsen, Harvard; Monica Conley, Columbia.


Foil — Susan Jennings, Columbia; Melinda Rostal, Princeton; Eva Petschnigg, Princeton.
Sabre — Sophie Jones, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Elizabeth Caputo, Princeton.
Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Monica Conley, Columbia; Maya Lawrence, Princeton.


Foil — Erinn Smart, Columbia; Susan Jennings, Columbia; Katie Zuckerman, Yale; Sarah Weeks, Yale.
Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Valerie Uzzell, Harvard; Whitney Anderson, Yale.


Foil — Susan Jennings, Columbia; Kate Lane, Columbia; Katherine Zuckerman, Yale, Hannah Appel, Yale.
Epee — Matilde Acerra, Princeton; Kristina Hurme, Princeton; Kari Coley, Penn; Olivia Leon, Penn.


Foil — Jill Katz, Harvard; Susan Jennings, Columbia; Caitlin Brown, Columbia; Cherie Chen, Yale; Viki Danics, Harvard; Alison Calabia, Yale; Kate Lane, Columbia.
Epee — Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Whitney Anderson, Yale; Anne Estabrooks, Yale; Mallory Stewart, Harvard; Valerie Uzzell, Harvard; Sharon Katz, Yale; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.


Foil — Alison Calabia, Yale; Caitlin Brown, Columbia; Kate Lane, Columbia; Jill Katz, Harvard; Megumi Sakae, Penn; Katherine Zuckerman, Yale; Cherie Chen, Yale.
Epee — Sharon Katz, Yale; Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Tammy Hancock, Penn; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.


Foil — Megumi Sakae, Penn; Viktoria Danics, Harvard; Nina Lightdale, Princeton; Sara Crasson, Harvard; Alison Calabia, Yale.
Epee — Susan Ginn, Princeton; Sharon Katz, Yale; Anastasia Gunzberg, Penn; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.


Viktoria Danics, Harvard; Anne Gaeta, Penn; Rachel Iannacone, Penn; Sara Crasson, Harvard; Margaret Super, Yale.


Ann Marsh, Columbia; Margaret Super, Yale; Camille Korschun, Yale; Lisa Picken, Princeton.


Anne Gaeta, Penn; Nicole Gray, Yale; Margaret Super, Yale; Jill Tobia, Columbia.


Ann Marsh, Columbia; Kris Campbell, Yale; Nicole Gray, Yale; Jill Tobia, Columbia.


Tzu Moy, Columbia; Jill Tobia, Columbia; Judy Weitzman, Penn; Amee Manges, Columbia.


Jane Hall, Penn; Tzu Moy, Columbia; Darlene Pratschler, Columbia; Amee Manges, Columbia; Jean Yee; Penn.


Jane Hall, Penn; Jean Yee, Penn; Gail Rossman, Penn; Christa Weber, Penn.


Jessica Yu, Yale, Darlene Pratschler, Columbia; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Gail Rossman, Penn.


Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Gail Rossman, Penn; Mary Jane O’Neill, Penn; Jessica Yu, Yale; Jane Hall, Penn.


Mary Jane O’Neill, Penn; Gail Rossman, Penn; Lisa Piazza, Columbia; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Christine Hamori, Cornell.


Jessica Yu, Yale; Andrea Metkus, Yale; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Mary Jane O’Neill, Penn.


Lisa Piazza, Barnard; Veronica Marmora, Penn; Andrea Metkus, Yale; Diana Mendley, Yale; Mimi Recker, Penn.


Andrea Metkus, Yale; Viveka Fuchs, Harvard; Shelly Hammon, Penn; Diane Mendley, Yale.


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