princeton 15, yale 12 [men]

Part II of the Ivy League Fencing Round-Robins (formerly known as the “North” Championship) is taking place at the Joseph Olney-Moe Margolies Athletic Center on the campus of Brown University in Providence, R.I. on February 22, 2008.

Here is the latest report.

SABRE: Yale, 5-4
Yale: Stephen Watty 0-3, Adam Fields 2-1, Sebastian Cano-Besquet 3-0.
Princeton: John Stogin 1-2, Thomas Abend 2-1, Craig Limoli 1-2.

FOIL: Yale, 5-4
Yale: John Gurrieri 1-2, Shiv Kachru 0-2, Andrew Holbrook 1-0, Nathaniel Botwinick 3-0.
Princeton: Clayton Flanders 0-3, Alexander Mills 2-1, Gregory Kirschen 2-1.

EPEE: Princeton, 7-2
Yale: Michael Pearce 0-3, Thomas Bell 1-2, Alexander Cohen 1-2.
Princeton: Cooper Gegan 2-1, Nathaniel Sulat 2-1, Mike Elfassy 3-0.

IVY RECORD: Yale 1-3, Princeton 2-1.



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