top 10 movie sword fights – #5: batman vs. league of shadows

Let this be a lesson to you — if you want to have a classic sword fight, make sure to have Liam Neeson as one of your guys in the battle.

The Northern Irish actor is seemingly quite handy with a weapon, as this is his second time on the list. This particular display of weaponry shows him matching wits with Christian Bale in the beginning of the first halfway decent Batman movie, Batman Begins.

Yeah, the original Batman was horrible too… never forget that. So sad too, because it had all the potential in the world. But it too was atrocious. Just like the subsequent ones (Batman and Robin? C’mon kids… lets go home).

Anyway, as a leader of the League of Shadows, Neeson turns “Baleman” into a certifiably, oooey-gooey kind of awesome (even if he does betray him and tries to kill him via house fire later). But we all know that Batman can’t die (since he’s a figment of our imagination anyway).

Regardless, the cinematography for this fight scene is unbelievable. A realistic spin on the superhero genre, coupled with a taste of humanity, topped off with beautiful backdrops made for a memorable recent movie fight scene.

And it hits the countdown at No. 5.


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