top 10 movie sword fights – #3: rob roy vs. archibald

There’s that Liam Neeson fella again…

… in arguably the best 8:14 of (lead up and) sword fighting and 131 minutes of arguably the worst dialogue/loosest plot ever. Prior to 2005’s War of the Worlds, of course. Behold the mid-1990’s take on the Hollywood “summer blockbuster”.

And enter, Rob Roy. Stage left.

It was rushed because it battled the better known Braveheart that summer. 😉 And after sitting through this entire snorefest that was the movie, it appears that Michael Caton-Jones only thought to film the end. Then, because he needed to ensure it was out a month and a half before the real Gibson-fest, he proceeded to throw two-plus hours of who knows before it. Please allow us to save you the time.

Naturally, the end is a bit graphic because one actor meets his demise. However, the demise is much less graphic than movies that have happened since that time.

Like 300, Sin City and Mariah Carey’s Glitter.

So consider that a disclaimer and proceed to the video only if you are prepared to see what would constitute an “R” rating by the Motion Picture Rating System.


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