yale 15, harvard 12 [men]

Part I of the Ivy League Fencing Round-Robins (formerly known as the “South” Championship) is taking place at the Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center on the campus of Columbia University in Morningside Heights, N.Y. on February 8, 2008.

Here is the latest report.

SABRE: Harvard, 6-3
Yale: Jonathan Holbrook 0-2, Sebastian Cano-Besquet 2-1, Adam Fields 1-2, Stephen Watty 0-1.
Harvard: Valentin Staller 2-1, Scott DiGuilio 3-0, Hao Meng 1-2.

FOIL: Yale, 7-2
Yale: Nathaniel Botwinick 3-0, Shiv Kachru 2-1, Andrew Holbrook 1-1, John Gurrieri 1-0.
Harvard: Long Ouyang 0-3, Kai Itameri-Kinter 2-1, Benjamin Ungar 0-3.

EPEE: Yale, 5-4
Yale: Michael Pearce 3-0, Thomas Bell 2-1, Alexander Cohen 0-3.
Harvard: James Hawrot 1-2, Karl Harmenberg 2-1, Wesley Talcott 1-2.

IVY RECORD: Yale 2-1, Harvard 0-2.



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