top 10 movie sword fights – #10: yoda vs. dooku


… and here you thought you were just coming to a fencing blog. Shame on you. After two years of doing this, you should have already known that we don’t just do the run-at-the-mill blog experience. We try, whenever possible, to have a bit of fun.

Over the two days of competition, we will intertwine a bit of movie magic to brighten up your bloodthirsty day! Behold, the 2009 fencing blog sub-theme: “Top 10” Hollywood sword fights.

Up first, we tap the institution that is Star Wars. The Yoda vs. Count Dooku fight from Episode II: Attack of the Clones gets the No. 10 nod for nostalgia alone. And because secretly a large piece of you stood up and cheered when this little guy “Jedi mind tricked” the lightsaber out of his pocket for the first time.

[it’s ok – and it’s totally not dorky]

So without further ado, Yoda dons the ‘saber.


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